Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vichy ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector + ProEven Night Overnight Concentrate

Good morning friends!

After last week's tragedy in my hometown of Moncton, my mind hasn't been much on blogging. It's been a full week since the fatal shootings, but I still can't quite grasp what happened in my small, safe and welcoming town of Moncton. All I have to say is I'm very relieved my family was safe in their basement, a fact only true because of the hard work of the RCMP during these events. So thank you.

Now, on to the review.

Before I was kindly sent the Vichy ProEven Night* for review, I had been actively using the Vichy ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector for a while on and off for almost a year. I'm actually a big fan of the ProEven Daily! It's my go-to product to reduce the look of those after-pimple dark spots left behind. This product works on my skin wonderfully. I apply the product to specific dark spots and after a couple days, I can see the area returning back to normal. I prefer using the ProEven Daily on older acne scars or flare-ups because the product isn't as drying as a regular acne cream. I never wake up with flaky patches with the ProEven Daily.

The ProEven, unlike the ProEven Daily, has a more fluid consistency. It feels a lot more like a serum, and is meant to be applied all over the face, every night. Personally, I don't feel my skin needs it every night. However, when I do use this product, my skin is really plump and moisturized in the morning. After using this product for a bit, I do feel my skin has a smoother texture. I don't however, notice that much of a difference in spot treatment. Perhaps it's because I use the ProEven Night all over my face, and my ProEven Daily on specific target areas? The ProEven Daily doesn't make my skin feel particularly hydrated, while the ProEven Night feels like a luxurious serum. And it smells like one too! The ProEven Night is said to have been tested on multi-ethnic skin. Of course, on my pale skin, I can't really test this claim.

I love both products for different reasons. I love the smell and the feel of the ProEven Night, but I think the ProEven Daily react better with my skin, and I see results faster. Heck, I even use both in combination sometimes since I love the moisturizing effect of the ProEven Night, but the ProEven really helps the resurfacing of skin cells!

What do you use to help your skin cell turnover? What's your favorite serum treatment?

* I have received this product for consideration but my opinions are always my own. I am not being compensated for this review and I always strive to review products with honesty.

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