Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Epicare, The Original Facial Hair Remover - A Review

Facial hair is such a hassle. Personally, I wax unwanted hairs on my face, but not before I have to wait for it to grow long enough to be able to wax! That stage can be incredibly awkward, and let's face it, embarrassing. When I was sent the Epicare Facial Hair Remover for review, I hoped that it would be the perfect buffer for that in-between phase.

The Epicare is a do-it-yourself manual threading device to remove unwanted facial hair. It's spring action removes unwanted hair from the roots (just like plucking) and does so without damaging the skin. Basically, you just have to bend the device (like the picture shows) and roll the ends gently with your fingertips. It's really that easy!

How did I get along with it? I actually quite like it! I found it to be really effective on the fine blond hair in between my eyebrow - Epicare removed it without a problem. Even my boyfriend gave it a go (twitter proof here)! I bravely tried it under my brows, but I wouldn't recommend it. The device isn't precise enough to make sure you don't take a chunk out of your brow hair at the same time. That isn't to say that with a bit of practice I might be able to!

I also tried this on my very fine chin hair - and by that I mean the duvet hair that every face has. This is where I thought it worked best - it removed hair I didn't even know I had! I had a harder time removing my upper lip hair. However, the little guide that comes with the Epicare gives you a tip to make this easier: just stretch your upper lip by pushing your tongue outward to maximize the effectiveness of the Epicare. While it did help, it wasn't able to catch every hair on my upper lip.

I really like the fact that this is very environment friendly - other than the packing the Epicare comes in, there's no waste other than your unwanted hair. It is super easy to maintain and clean - the instructions say to lightly tap the Epicare on a solid surface to get the hairs out of the spring and I found that to work well.

Practice really makes perfect with this tool - the more I used it, the better I was at removing hair. Still, this tool is quite hard to focus on one specific area - it's impossible to remove one hair! So I wouldn't suggest this tool if you barely have any facial hair - a tweezer would probably suit your needs better. But if like me, you're a waxing regular, and need something to tie you up in between waxing sessions, this is perfect. I'm hoping that with enough practice, I'll be able to ditch the waxing strips forever, and only use this eco-friendly little wonder!

For Canadian, the Epicare is conveniently available (in a variety of colors!) on the Nail Polish Canada website (link here), and for US based shoppers, the Epicare is available on their website, www.epicarehome.com.

* I have received this product for consideration by Nail Polish Canada, but my opinions are always my own. I am not being compensated for this review and I always strive to review products with honesty.


  1. I have one from ebay, but it isn't the real brand. I'd like to try the real one instead but it just seemed a little pricey! The one I have is okay, but it takes a while to get enough of the hairs out >.< Maybe I'm just not doing it right..