Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beauty PSA with Pixi Shades of Peach Quartette

Part of the best thing about being a beauty blogger is how fun it is to test out new products. I love playing with a new product and using my critical eye to pick on all its aspects - the color, the wear time, etc.

However, sometimes, being a beauty blogger, you get across some duds. I'm not one to normally write about the duds I've encountered, but I thought I might warn you all about this seemingly good product.

I purchased the Pixi Shades of Peach Quartette off Asos (which, by the way, has a great selection of beauty products), thinking a) it's on sale, why not, and b) I'm pretty sure I saw Lisa Eldridge using one of these. Those are good enough reasons for me apparently.

Sadly, this quartette, is just not good.

Swatched from the top, clockwise.

The texture of these shadows is soft, almost too much so. It reminds me a lot of Sleek shadows in softness  in the sense that you have to be aware of fall-out when you apply. That's not really a deal breaker for me, but the fact that these shadows have almost no pigmentation definitely was. I tried my hardest to make these shadows appear on my lids, even with a primer, to no avail. I quite liked the third shadow in this palette, but again, it barely appeared on my lid and even though it's the darkest of them, it's too light and poorly pigmented to be a crease color. And on top of all of this, its wear time was bad.

So, unfortunately, I can't recommend this palette. Do any of you have experience with any of their other palettes? Did I just get unlucky? What do you do when you encounter a bad product?


  1. Aw, too bad it wasn't a success for you :-) I haven't tried this palette and I don't know the brand well, so I can't tell you if you were just unlucky or not...

  2. :( I saw one of these palettes on Lisa Eldrige's last video and was hoping to buy one at Target, but maybe not! It looks so sadly unpigmented.

  3. Aww bummer! I can tell from the swatch it seems too powdery and not pigmented enough. I haven't tried anything from Pixi (not available locally. I have to get it online), but I'm definitely eyeing their eyeliners. I've heard many rave about those!

  4. LOVE your new layout!
    That's too bad. I wanted to get the one Lisa used too!