Thursday, November 15, 2012

bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow Quad in The Happy Place - Swatches & Review!

You probably already all know, from many reviews, that my eyelids are pretty oily. I always, always need to use a primer (my fave of the moment being Make Up For Ever's Eye Prime) and the use of primer doesn't always keep some of my MAC shadows from creasing (Vex, Copperplate, Club are the culprits here).

So when I tell you, that this bareMinerals palette lasted 15 hours on my lids, without creasing, would you believe me?

I kid you not, this is what happened. I applied these eyeshadows to my eyes (after primer) for a full day of work, which included traveling, sweating (aka, lugging stuff from a van in heels) and general running around. When I got home, at about 11pm, I barely had any creasing. The only spot the shadow moved at all was on the outer corner of my eye. And that was probably from rubbing. I was absolutely floored.

If you have oily lids, or have problems with shadows not lasting on your lids, this is the palette for you!


Peace has a bit of shimmer in it, and is of a beige/pink color. Imagine is a rose shimmery shade, à la MAC All that Glitters, but much better and smoother. Exhale reminds me of MAC's Copperplate but is more pigmented and more taupe. I don't think I own anything like Euphoria, and I absolutely love it.

From left to right: Peace, Imagine, Exhale and Euphoria

These swatches were taken under new lighting (my lightbox!) so they might look a bit different than usual. But rest assure, they are pretty color accurate!

The texture of these shadows is very soft and smooth. But unlike Sleek shadows, they do not have the tendency to crumble (being too soft). You do not need to load up your brush with product to have these show up on your lid. You only need a tiny bit of the shadow. If you put too much on your brush, you might get a bit of fall out, so be careful!

I honestly can't say anything wrong about this palette. The shadows are smooth, pigmented, not dry, creamy, and they are ridiculously long wearing. I guess the only tiny little thing I'd say is that they are so pigmented that it might take someone who isn't used to wearing much makeup, a bit of getting used to. But honestly, my mother has one of their palettes, and while she'd not a makeup pro of any kind, she absolutely loves it.

There are quite a few variations of these palettes available at Sephora if The Happy Place doesn't float your boat. I purchased mine of Ebay because I do find them quite expensive (C$38). I would've gladly payed full price though, had I known The Happy Place was this good! It could also make an excellent Christmas gift. Too bad my mom already has one!

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  1. ool i like this :) xx

  2. I'm obsessed with bare minerals, I'm surprised not more girls wear them (I don't know why their advertising always gears towards older demogrophics and wrinkles settling). Anyway, I have the heart, rapture, and tortoise loose ones and they're my go to for everyday and no creasing for me either.

    Will have to look into more of these pressed powders (and the lightbox is amazing!)

    Pretty Squared |

    1. I'm glad you like my swatches with the lightbox - I was worried they wouldn't look the same and people would get confused! :)

      It's such a shame Bare Minerals does not do better marketing - most of their product is absolutely amazing. Definitely look into their pressed powders! I've got one loose one of theirs (in Mystery I think?) and they are indeed just as good!