Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Gelish Experience

Did you get my title? It's a twist on a movie title which I will admit I haven't seen yet. But I thought it would make a cool title, so there.

Gelish is quite the ingenious nail lacquer system. It was designed to be able to give yourself "gel nails", much as what you would get at a salon, at home. The "gel" cures on your own nails, giving you a harder, shinier finish than regular nail polish. It claims to stay on your nails for up to three weeks and look just as good as when you applied it.

From experience, the Gelish has lasted two weeks on me. The problem I have been having with the polish is that it sometime peels off at the tips or sides of the nail. And instead of not touching it, well, I touch it. And my manicure is ruined. Also, I find that the more coats the nail polish needs, the more I have experienced some peeling. However, other people I have applied Gelish to have not had any issues whatsoever. My mom did say that she chewed one nail and had to take her manicure off after a couple weeks.

Some tips for having the polish stay on longer is to dehydrate the nail before applying the polish (with the Gelish overpriced stuff, or basic rubbing alcohol) and to make sure you do not "flood" cuticles. This also implies that you should have NO cuticle remainders on your nail bed. This will cause the Gelish to detach from the nail. You also need to buff (enough so that your nail is not shiny) your nail in order for the base coat to stick.

From experience, do NOT peel off the gels off your nails. The gel is usually so stuck to your nail that it will ruin the surface of your nail by peeling off little bits. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt or anything but it will damage your nail, which is totally against what Gelish is made for. The best way to remove the polish is to use pure acetone on a cotton pad the size of your nail, and wrap your nail in tin foil for 10 minutes. The nail polish should easily be gently scraped off with an orange stick after.

The following polish is called Wiggle Fingers Wiggle Thumbs That's the Way the Magic Comes. What an idiotic name. Who the hells wants to spell that every time they talk about the polish? Saying WFWTTTWTMC is even worst. Therefore, it'll be called WIGGLE for the purpose of this blog.

So this is Gelish's WIGGLE. This was two coats. It could have used a third. I unfortunately didn't wear this color because I was starting a new job the next day. Bright blue nails are probably not the best way to start a new job.

This is Hot Rod Red. I really really loved this color. The glossiness was beautiful and the color was really nice to wear with pretty much anything. I got compliments on this manicure from people at my new job! I wouldn't say it pulls too much on orange - it's just a really bright creme red. It is similar to Bullish on OPI .

I tried to take this picture with Billie's tail but it's a bit blurry!

This shows the extremely glossy finish of this polish.

All and all, this is an excellent system if you're the kind of person who likes to stick to the same colors, who has no time to paint your nails every few days or if polish chips easily on you. 

The investment for this is minimal if you're savvy about it. I purchased my lamp on Ebay for a mere $12. Granted, it kind of sucks because I can't fit my thumb in it, but it does the trick, even if it's only an 9W. I will cure my nails in there for about 3 minutes per coat. I highly suggest purchasing the polish itself from Ebay sellers or They are half the price that what is sold in stores. Sally's is ripping off Canadian customers selling MINI Gelish bottles for twice the price of a regular sized bottle on Amazon. Ridiculous. So do not go there. Patience will help you save a few bucks. 

So that is my Gelish post. I hope I didn't leave anything out. Feel free to comment or contact me with any questions!

Hope you all had wonderful holidays. Mine were exceptionally perfect this year. 

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  1. U can also use ur regular nail polish mixed up n a eyeshadow jar with gelish structure gel n ur nails last as long as three weeks