Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Essie Uptown Taupe

If you're into taupes/greiges and neutrals, this color is for you. Essie's Uptown Taupe is a perfect color for someone who prefers their nails on the conservative side. While I mostly do myself, I found this color to be a bit blah even for me. It has a tiny amount of shimmer in it which is more visible in the bottle than on the nail. The color was maybe a bit too close to my skintone to be flattering on me as it sort of walks the fine line between taupe and pink. It's nice but not as nice as some other taupes I have in my collection such as Orly's Prince Charming or OPI's Tickle My France-y.

I had a fabulous weekend despite the uber downer last post. I think I'm slowly realizing I've got some work to do on myself - this blog is like 1/4th of that work I'm talking about. I guess you could say I'm on a quest for bettering myself after the hellish last years. I'm slowly re-picking up things I used to love: writing, reading, painting, researching, school. It seems like possibilities are finaly arising. And that's good.

Let me tell you about this little wonder. I've been putting Essie's Abricot Cuticle Oil on pretty much each night before going to bed. And it smells great! My cuticles are slowly starting to look better. Technically though, how my cuticles look is proportionately related to how stressed my week was and how much I picked at them. And how much hand cream I bothered applying.

Again, writing this from work so I better end it here. The job has been uber frustrating today - how is it that some people who are really honestly dumb get higher positions than me? RAHH! 

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