Monday, June 6, 2011

Sun sun and more sun!

We've been having just great weather lately. Perfect for me - not too warm, not too cold. Too warm and I get crummy. Too cold and, well... it feel like Canada so nothing new there.

I felt like a bright polish yesterday and decided to put Sally Hansen's Sunflowers on. Unfortunately, the color isn't too flattering on my skintone. I'll have to try it when I've got a bit more tan on.

This was two coats, and it shows doesn't it? I'm not loving the visible nail line either. But the color is nice by itself. It's bright and cheerful. I highly suggest it on someone with a more olive skintone!

Also, I'm testing Sally Hansen's Mega Shine Topcoat. So far, it definitely wears better than my Seche Vite! I will update with more info once I've thoroughly tested it out.

Billie felt defeated today because I gave her a bath.

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