Thursday, May 26, 2011

What else can you need but this?

I luuuurve black eyeliner. It's my basic, go to, daily makeup item to complete a look. Sometimes I'll go for brown if I want a softer look, but usually, I will go with black.

When the Packed to Go kit of black eyeliners from MAC came out, I knew I needed it. I have been wanting to try Feline Power Kohl liner for the longest time and figured it made sense to buy it with this kit!

Weirdly enough, the liners are all different for being the same color. See for yourself in the swatches:

Left to right: Engraved Powerpoint Liner, Feline Kohl Power Liner, Penultimate Liner in Black

Feline actually shocked me when I put it on. It is really as black as people say it is. And it stays on in my experience (some reviews say it doesn't). What I'm not absolutely sure I love about it is that it's quite soft. Not too soft, but softer than what I'm used to. I'm still quite a fan and will be using this a lot for nighttime looks especially.

Engraved is less black than Feline but still a good black color. It's doesn't pull on green or blue as some do. I find it doesn't last as long on the waterline as Feline but I think that perhaps it's because the liner isn't as crumbly as Feline.

I've owned the Penultimate liner before and loved it. It's perfect for a quick cat eye because you don't have to pull out a brush for your gel liner. And I personally find it easier to manoeuver than a liner brush. To each their own though of course, but I highly suggest this if you travel a lot. It's quick, and effective and stays on all day. The one huge disadvantage is that it dries up pretty quickly. My old one lasted a bit more than a year and I didn't use it very often. Make sure you put that cap on tightly!

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