Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm on a nail polish kick, clearly.

This is a beautiful color. Stunning. Too bad I totally smudged a finger after I took this picture. Had to take it all off. What's nice about it is that it leans towards the greener side of teal which I find is quite hard to find in a nail polish. Well, except for Jade is the New Black by OPI. But for some reason, I never picked it up because it looked dull in the bottle. The featured polish definitely does not. 

It's called Go Van Gogh! by Finger Paints. They always seem to have some kind of art related names for their polishes.

I'm on a polish kick but I promise I'll be reviewing some makeup items in the future, including foundation, eyeshadows and lip glosses. I'm always receptive to any suggestions as well!

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