Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 05 Earthy Elements Review

After seeing this palette appear on Tati's Youtube Channel I was secretly praying that they would appear in Canada. As us Canadians beauty lovers know, not everything the US has in terms of drugstore makeup makes it across the border.

I found my palette at my local Lawtons (Rexall, I believe for other provinces) and waited a couple weeks to finally find it on sale. Score!

I bought the 05 Earthy Elements palette to review which contains 6 shades.

Palette in the shade.

And because I was working with sun that day, palette in the sun.

The shadows are of surprising quality. They are quite buttery without being powdery and blend extremely easily on the lid. The only "meh" shade is the first shade of the palette which is quite hard in texture and difficult to pick up with a brush (and with fingers). However, all the other shades are quite amazing. The shadows lasted on my oily eyelids (with primer) all day, no problem.

Left to right in the palette, in the shade.

Left to right in the palette, in direct sunlight. You can see here that the first shade is a glittery chunky mess.

The second shade from the left in this palette is the perfect crease color. It's so easy to blend, and it's the perfect warm, but not too warm, buttery crease color. It reminds me a lot of MAC's Wedge. The orange shade (third from the left) is so pigmented and bright! It's a bit too bright for my tastes, but it blends wonderfully. These two matte shades are of excellent quality - and we know drugstore matte shades tend to be duds. The last shade of the palette is an excellent dupe of MAC's Sable and is super easy to work with. My favorite is definitely the fourth shade - it's a perfect one and done shadow.

Even if these colors are dupeable, this palette would be very useful to travel with as the packaging is quite sturdy. For a palette that's less than C$15, you definitely get your money's worth out of the 5 shades that are of excellent quality. Plus, the warm tones are gorgeous for anyone with blue/green eyes! B+

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Ash Brown + Sephora Collection Pro Brow Brush #20

The Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade seems to be one of those items that divides beauty bloggers - they either love it, or absolutely hate it. While it does seem to have excellent reviews on Sephora, I personally sit somewhere in the middle.

I bought this product about 3 months ago in the shade Ash Brown. The pomade is smudge-free and waterproof and is meant to be applied with a brush. I bought a Sephora Collection Pro Brow Brush #20 to use with it. I solely chose it because it had decent reviews, and it had a spoolie on the end.

First off, do not buy this brush. I love a firm angle brush, and while I thought it would be fine for eyebrows, it does not apply the product as precisely as I would like. This is definitely a pass for me.

As for the pomade itself. It's only ok. I like to use it when I have a bit more time for makeup because it's a lot easier to create a full eyebrow look with this product as opposed to a brow pencil. Plus, it really does stay all day on my skin. However, the faff of the pomade itself is not always worth it to me since I'm all about practicality in makeup.

The color itself is pretty perfect for my brows. However, it's quite pigmented (as you can see in the swatch) and doesn't allow too many mistakes. In fact, in the swatch above, you can see how the product gradually wears off the brush. The last stroke from the brush would be my ideal texture and pigmentation. Instead, I have to work with that first swatch which can be a bit difficult.

I have read other reviews that indicate that this pomade does dry down a bit and the texture gets better. But you know, who wants to wait for that?

If you're used to pencils for your brows, I'd say don't bother with this. Pencils, in my opinion, work much better. If you're a beauty fanatic, and don't mind a bit of extra time on your makeup, then this might be for you. And at C$23 for a product that you use only a tiny little bit at a time, it's a decent bang for your buck.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lipstick Musings #1 - Coloupop Lumière and Aquarius and Bite Beauty Glacé

I love lipstick, but I'm not going to lie, when I do my makeup in the mornings, I'm in such a rush that I barely even think of what I'm putting on my lips before I step out the door. All the more reason for some useful, go with everything lipsticks in my arsenal.

Today I bring you three lipsticks I've been loving lately. Colourpop has been coming out with some lovely shades lately and two of my favourites have been Lumière and Aquarius, coincidentally, both created in collaboration with Kathleen Lights. Both are so easy to apply and go well with any makeup look. The only downside? For some reason, Aquarius smells like caramel, and I really don't like it.

Everyone seems to just love the Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayons, me included. I truly have never found such a creamy matte moisturizing lipstick. My shade of the moment - Glacé, a dusty mauve shade that brightens up my complexion. It's such an easy to wear shade.

Lumière, Glacé and Aquarius.

What's been your lipstick of choice lately?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Pantene Expert Intense Colorcare

Last week, in a not so seasonal storm, I had fun taking a few shots of the Pantene Expert Intense Colorcare Shampoo and Conditioner with my husband (who stayed inside, shooting through the patio door xox).

To see the full review, check out my Instagram post here.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in 02 Medium Review + Comparison Swatches

Being a pale lady, finding a good bronzer has always been quite a challenge for me. They're either too yellow, not warm enough, too glittery... and the list goes on. After reading a ton of reviews (as I do when buying any product) on the Estee Lauder Bronzer Goddess in 02 Medium, I thought it might be a good match.

First off, it's massive! You're sure to have plenty to last you a whole year! Secondly, the packaging is pretty damn perfect - sturdy with a tortoise shell patter with a gigantic mirror on the inside. Love!

The blush is smooth, and easy to blend. The shade is quite neutral, yet leans a bit warm, and almost has a tinge of pink. I find it quite flattering on my skintone. You can't tell from the pictures, but it does contain a bit of shimmer. I don't find this translates on my face at all.

Because it's so difficult to swatch a bronzer alone (how can you tell if it's warm or ashy?) I decided to pull my bronzers and compare it to the Bronze Goddess in Medium 02.

In the shade, on a sunny day

In the sun, on a sunny day

As you can see in the swatches, the Estee Lauder bronzer applies quite smoothly. Comparatively, the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Power, Body Shop Bronzer and Nars Laguna appear to be harder to blend out - I'd say this is accurate with a brush application on the face as well. To be fair, my Nars Laguna is really old and needs to be thrown out. So let's not judge the swatch - it's still a great product. The Body Shop Bronzer in 01, as you may be able to tell, isn't very pigmented - it appears powdery because I really had to layer it for the color to show up. And yeah, I'm not a big fan on that one.

In terms of shade, it seems to be somewhere in the middle of MAC Harmony and The Body Shop Bronzer. I wouldn't use the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder for bronzer as it is very ashy brown.

If you're looking for a good bronzer for the summer I definitely recommend this one - but try it on first as bronzers can appear different on everyone! The Estee Lauder bronzer retails for C$42 for 0.74 oz while the Nars Laguna is C$52 for 0.28 oz. Yikes! Guess which one I'll be re-purchasing... if I ever finish it!